SIDeR 2015

Embodied Interaction

Kolding (DK) · 27th-28th of March 2015

SIDeR 2015

The theme for the 11th Student Interaction Design Research conference (SIDeR 2015) is Embodied Interactions. SIDeR 2015 provides a meeting ground for graduate students to exchange ideas concerning the past, present and future of interactions.

SIDeR 2015 will take place the 27th-28th of March, 2015 and will be held in Kolding, Denmark, jointly organised by students from the two educational programmes in Interaction Design in Kolding: University of Southern Denmark and Design School Kolding.

The SIDeR conference will be a two day event, with a mixture of keynote lectures, demonstrations, workshops, interactive sessions, discussion panel with members of the industry and social events.


  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Participatory Design
  • Design Process
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Multimodal Interaction
  • Tangible User Interfaces
  • Aesthetics of Interaction
  • Experimental Design
  • Game Design
  • Design Methods
  • Interaction Techniques
  • Information visualisation
  • Design cases
  • Mobile computing

Embodied Interaction

Computers are getting smaller, more powerful, and closer to our bodies. We are witnessing a transition away from screen-based touch interfaces towards more intuitive and meaningful ways to interact with technology, ones that rely on the use of our body. At the same time, devices get strongly integrated with (web-based) services to serve their purposes.

Embodied interaction explores novel ways to acknowledge, support, utilize, exploit, or augment the 'lived body'.


Call for Participation

We invite original unpublished research and design work on embodied interaction. Feel free to interpret the theme as you see fit – it is not a stringent formula to be fulfilled. We welcome case studies, theoretical musings and couplings of theory and practical work. We invite three different types of submissions:


Papers must not exceed 4 pages (~2000 words) following the standard Nordes format. Papers will be reviewed by members of the Program Committee, as well as by peers. Accepted papers will be presented orally at the conference.

A double blind review process will be used. This review process creates anonymity for both authors and reviewers. When submitting your paper: Please, eliminate names, contact information, and affiliations from title pages (and anyplace else).

Please use the Nordes paper template (direct download) for your submission.


A1 posters should be submitted as a pdf file and must also include an accompanying description, which must not exceed 2 pages following the standard Nordes format. Posters must be presented in dedicated poster sessions.


Demos can be submitted by sending a video and a technical description, which must not exceed 2 pages following the standard Nordes format.



27 March 28 March
8:30 Registration S
Registration S
9:30 Opening Paper Session III: The Playful Body
Chair: Robb Mitchell
Room: SDU Auditorium
9:45 Paper Presentation
10:30 Coffee break Coffee break
10:45 Opening Keynote: Danielle Wilde Demos + Poster Expo
11:45 Lunch D
12:45 Paper Session I: Is Your Body Your Own?
Room: SDU Auditorium
Chair: Jacob Buur
Paper Session II: Embodied Design
Room: DSK Auditorium
Chair: Andrés Lucero
Paper Session IV: The Social Body
Room: SDU Auditorium
Chair: Lone Koefoed Hansen
14:15 Coffee break Coffee break
14:30 Workshops All starts at 14:30
imagine, sense, connect / Body Makey-ing
drawing, sketching, body / movement awareness
point, line, plane / synaesthetic mapping
grid, craft, materials / tactile dialogue
Paper Session V: Any Body Home?
Room: SDU Auditorium
Chair: Nicolai Hansen
15:30 Closing Panel
16:30 Networking Drinks
19:00 Dinner at Nicolai Café (map)


We are happy to announce Danielle Wilde from Australia as our first keynote speaker. She will present her work on "Embodied Futures: Design Innovation and Embodied Engagement."

Breaking the mold: Embodied, sustainable and wild.

In her first keynote address as associate professor of research at SDU Design in Kolding, Wilde will ask what the future of embodied interaction might be – beyond the digital paradigm. New materials and techniques are transforming what is technically, aesthetically and ecologically viable. These innovations bring exciting challenges and opportunities. Yet few designers are equipped to engage with them. This is not a talk about how to develop the next new thing, but rather how to sustainably practice, and embody material interactions of a future you dream to inhabit.

Danielle Wilde's research is focused on embodied interaction, post-disciplinary research methodologies, wearable futures and convergence:

Presentation slides



Visit Kolding / University of Southern Denmark / Design School Kolding


Kolding Sportel v. TREFOR Arena / 4 pers. bd.: DKK 1145 incl. breakfast (offer)
Danhostel Kolding / From DKK 275
KFUM Kolding Sportel / From DKK 345


Kolding is a design city. Not in name only. It is a city filled with design institutions ranging from the international branding initiative, Danish Design & Architecture Initiative, to educational institutions, design museums, innovation houses, and not least a local government that wants design. Literally, Kolding is putting design on the map.


The University of Southern Denmark in Kolding is characterised by close co-operation across the academic settings, by innovative initiatives within design oriented research and education and by strong collaboration with the local business community and public institutions. Read more about the new Campus Kolding.


Design School Kolding builds on the tradition of Danish design, placing focus on design which is meaningful. The school’s approach is not to provide the answer, but to find the answer together. Design School Kolding provides a framework for a number of recognised researchers in a young field of research as well as an increasing output of PhD projects.


About SIDeR

The Student Interaction Design Research Conference was inaugurated in 2005 in Sønderborg as a means of enabling interaction design students to participate in and contribute to research in the emerging discipline of interaction design. A number of prestigious universities have since been hosts to the event. SIDeR offers students the opportunity to bring forth research they have carried out throughout design projects as well as share reflections on design theory through the medium of an academic paper. Throughout the two days of the event, students will be able to meet with colleagues from other universities, share views on the design practice and build a valuable network in the field of interaction design.

All students at bachelors and masters level are invited to participate in the conference and register, including those who have not submitted a paper.

The conference enables students to participate in and contribute to the emerging discipline of designing (for) interaction. Students (especially: graduate and post-graduate students) are invited to challenge the state of art of the current design world by submitting their 'interactions'.

Past Editions


Price and Dates

Students from Danish Institutions (under the same Ministry as SDU)
400 DKK

Universities / Research Institutions outside Denmark and companies
500 DKK (400 DKK + 25% VAT)

The participation fee covers lunches, snacks and coffee (2 days), entrance to all the presentations (paper presentation, keynote and industrial closing panel), workshop + workshop material, demos and events, conference dinner, and administrative costs.

Submission before: February 2, 2015
Notice of acceptance: February 28, 2015
Registration before: March 16, 2015
Conference: March 27-28, 2015
Template: Nordes


Contact Us

Let us know if you have any questions about SIDeR 2015: / /

Conference Chairs

Andrés Lucero, associate professor
University of Southern Denmark

Michelle Castañeda, ITPD Student
University of Southern Denmark

Anne Louise Bang, assistant professor
Design School Kolding

Management Chair

Nina Huijboom, ITPD Student
University of Southern Denmark

Programme Commitee Member

Jacob Buur, professor
University of Southern Denmark

Local Chair

Ragna Möller, ITPD Student
University of Southern Denmark

Publicity & Social Media Chair

Sherif Mekky, ITPD Student
University of Southern Denmark

Sponsorship Chair

Jeanette Klit Jensen, ITPD Student
University of Southern Denmark

Workshop Chair

Enrique Encinas, ITPD Student
University of Southern Denmark

Demo Chair

Ye Shen, ITPD Student
University of Southern Denmark

Web Chair

Ruben Engrob Nielsen, ITPD Student
University of Southern Denmark

Graphic Design

Paula Laborda, ITPD Student
University of Southern Denmark


Jonas Leonas, ITPD Student
University of Southern Denmark